21 octobre 2020

Running behavior and symptoms of respiratory tract infection during the COVID-19 pandemic

To explore changes in running behavior due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, assess presence of symptoms suggestive for COVID-19 and identify whether there is […]
21 octobre 2020

Concurrent brain endurance training improves endurance exercise performance

Mental fatigue impairs endurance exercise. Brain endurance training (BET) – engaging in cognitively fatiguing tasks during exercise – can develop resilience to mental fatigue and improve […]
18 octobre 2020

Saddle sores among female competitive cyclists: a systematic scoping review

Saddle sores are a prominent but an under investigated health issue among female competitive cyclists. To identify and describe existing evidence of the prevalence, prevention and […]
17 octobre 2020

Maturity-related developmental inequalities in age-group swimming: The testing of ‘Mat-CAPs’ for their removal

To (1) examine the association between maturity timing and performance-based selection levels in (N = 708) Australian male 100-m Freestyle swimmers (12-17 years); (2) identify the relationship between maturation […]