13 novembre 2019

Physical Activity Types and Motor Skills in 3-5-year old children: National Youth Fitness Survey

This study examined relationships between specific types of physical activity (PA) and motor skill development in preschool-aged children. Powered by WPeMatico
13 novembre 2019

Higher neck strength is associated with lower head acceleration during purposeful heading in soccer: a systematic review

To systematically review the literature to investigate the potential relationship between neck strength and head acceleration during purposeful heading in soccer. Powered by WPeMatico
12 novembre 2019

Unilateral jump landing neuromechanics of individuals with chronic ankle instability

To assess the neuromechanical (kinematic, kinetic and electromyographic (EMG)) differences between individuals with and without chronic ankle instability (CAI) during unilateral jump landing. Powered by WPeMatico
9 novembre 2019

Variability within the human iNOS gene and Achilles tendon injuries: Evidence for a heterozygous advantage effect

The aim of this case control genetic association study was to explore whether two variants within the inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) gene, rs2779249 (C/A) and […]