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26 mai 2020

Aviation Rescue Firefighters physical fitness and predictors of task performance

Aviation Rescue Firefighters (ARFF) require physical fitness specific to the aviation environment. This study aims to determine the physical fitness of ARFF and predictors of performance […]
23 mai 2020

Menstrual cycle and thermoregulation during exercise in the heat: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Research conducted on exercise in the heat has been largely conducted in males, leaving women understudied. Of research including women, results are inconsistent on the impact […]
21 mai 2020

Incidence and risk factors for race-day jockey falls over fourteen years

To determine the incidence of, and risk factors for, race-day jockey falls occurring in Thoroughbred flat and jumps (hurdle and steeplechase) racing. Powered by WPeMatico
19 mai 2020

Nowhere to hide: the significant impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) measures on elite and semi-elite South African athletes

To describe the perceptions of South African elite and semi-elite athletes on return to sport (RTS); maintenance of physical conditioning and other activities; sleep; nutrition; mental […]