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19 mai 2019

Attitudes, Beliefs and Knowledge Related to Doping in Different Categories of Football Players

The aim of this study was to study and compare attitudes, beliefs and knowledge about doping of footballers, from elite to under-18 categories. Powered by WPeMatico
18 mai 2019

Normative values of the motor competence assessment (MCA) from 3 to 23 years of age

Growing evidence of the importance of motor competence for developing a healthy lifestyle has been established in the last decade. Nonetheless, no single instrument or observation […]
17 mai 2019

Coach knowledge in talent identification: A systematic review and meta-synthesis

Talent identification traditionally relies on the knowledge and perceptions of expert coaches to identify and predict potential future elite athletes. Experiential coach knowledge is a valuable […]
12 mai 2019

Incidence and impact of time loss and non-time-loss shoulder injury in elite South African cricketers: A one-season, prospective cohort study

To determine the incidence, prevalence and impact of shoulder injury in elite South African cricketers. Powered by WPeMatico