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29 octobre 2020

Repeatability of training-induced skeletal muscle adaptations in active young males

Measurements of protein content, enzymatic activity, and/or capillarization are frequently utilized as markers of skeletal muscle adaptation following exercise training. Whether changes in these markers of […]
29 octobre 2020

Branched-chain amino acid supplementation improves cycling performance in untrained cyclists

To investigate the effects of acute branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation on cycling performance and neuromuscular fatigue during a prolonged, self-paced cycling time-trial. Powered by WPeMatico
29 octobre 2020

Diagnosed Concussion is Associated with Increased Risk for Lower Extremity Injury in Community Rugby Players

To determine (1) the association between lifetime diagnosed concussion and lower extremity musculoskeletal injury (LE-MSI) among community rugby union players and (2) the sex specific risk […]
29 octobre 2020

The implications of emerging technology on military human performance research priorities

To demonstrate the need for the military human performance research community to anticipate and evolve with the emergence of new and disruptive battlefield technologies that are […]